Ice Mistress is one of the 14 Shadow Riders. She third to last Rider the Key-Keepers fight before Kagemaru.



Ice Mistress wears a bluish-white dress along with a furry white scarf. Her face is covered by a white mask and wears a bluish-white Academy Duel Disk on her left arm. She wears an ice-themed Duel Disk.


Ice Mistress is a cold-heart duelist, matching her Deck, of Ice Barriers and Ice Star Monsters.


After defeating her opponents, Ice Mistress has the ability to freeze them.


She is the third to last of the Shadow Riders. She appears before Amnael and Knightmare Knight.


Ice Mistress duels with an Ice-Themed Deck, her ace being Dark Ice Dragon.

Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

Magic cards

Trap cards

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